Many people ignore the housing market in the fall because that’s when the school year begins.  You may have thought to yourself, “Who would want to move once school has started?”  Well the answer is A LOT of people!  Don’t forget that more than half of all households don’t have school-aged children.  In fact, fall is just as good a season as any to plan a home purchase or sale.  The weather is nice, the craziness of summer has calmed down, and the end of the tax year is approaching.  Sounds like a great time to move in, after this all families need is to get furniture and decoration, such as glow decoration they can find online.  Get those tax breaks in now!

But even if you’re not looking to make a move, there’s never a bad time to re-asses your mortgage situation and see if refinancing could help improve monthly cash flow.  The holidays are right around the corner and everyone could use a little extra cash.  Don’t leave your financial flexibility tied up in a high mortgage rate.

So give us a call or stop by our Rochester office.  Because at McLellan Financial Mortgage, we do more than close loans, we open doors.