Commitment to Service

At McLellan Financial Mortgage, we are proud of our personal service. In fact, we call ourselves the most personal mortgage company in Michigan. We’re a family owned business. That means we treat our staff and our clients like one of our own. We work holidays and weekends if that’s what it takes. Anything to make closing your mortgage loans an easier experience. Just take a look at our Client Testimonials for proof.

Our President

McLellan Financial Mortgage is owned and managed by Alan McLellan. You’ll probably meet him at some point no matter who you work with. Alan started McLellan Financial Mortgage in 2000 to offer a new, higher level of personal service and integrity to the home buyers of Michigan. We weathered the storm of 2008’s housing collapse due in part to the great loyalty won through our dedication to our clients.

Our Personal Service Loan Officers

Alan has worked to build a team that is more like a family than staff. They each live up to Alan’s high standards of knowledge and personal customer service. And they work very hard every day to ensure that each client receives the highest level of care and consideration.

Professional Associations

We are also proud to be a associated with several organizations that serve local businesses and communities. Each of these groups are known to have members that live up to the highest levels of personal service. We’re proud to contribute to their great reputations. Let us know if you are too!

A Positive, Winning Attitude

There’s something special about working with people who have a positive attitude. We believe anything is possible and work so our clients can achieve their financial goals.

Sound Like the Team for You?

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