FHA “Back to Work” Program

The FHA “Back to Work” Program was developed to help people with a low credit score, caused by layoffs during the Great Recession, to get back into a home. If you’ve gotten back to work and can show you’re on the right track, ask us if this solution is right for you.

The Situation

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Millions of Americans have been hurt by the economy over the past few years and are now stuck with a low credit score. Many have had to declare bankruptcy or give up their home in a short sale, foreclosure, or pre-foreclosure sale. And even if they’ve gotten back to work recently, improving credit takes a long time.

The Deal

If you are one of these people who used to have good credit but perhaps lost a job or had health issues which resulted in loss of a home and/or damaged credit, there may be a way out. If you have been back on your feet for at least 12 months, you may qualify to buy a home now, even if you still have a low credit score.

The kind of home a low credit score may keep you from buying

Part of the Community

We understand how hard Detroit has had it over the last 5 years. But things are on the mend. People are getting back to work and we’re here to help them take the next big step of getting into a home.

Want to See if You Qualify?

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Want to Know if You Qualify?