Well, 2013 got here awfully fast.  We’re excited for another year of business and the opportunity to help Michigan families with their first home loans, home loan refinances, or commercial loans.  But while we love his roguish good looks, Uncle Sam always has some kind of new mortgage news.  A new law, tax code, or other important regulation could have a big impact on the home buying process so we encourage you to speak with an experienced home loan officer before starting the mortgage process.  We make sure to stay on top of all mortgage news and would be more than happy to speak with you about your financial situation.  And since we’re not a bank, we provide advice based on the mortgage news and facts, not our sales goals.

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We Want You…To Ask Questions

So give us a call at 248-619-7067 and ask us any question you like.  We’re more than happy to answer.  And just in case you were going to ask our favorite color, it’s blue.  See?  We have the answers you’re looking for before you even ask!  But it would probably be a much better use of time to talk about home loans.

Please be sure you’re writing all the interest and closing costs off of your 2012 tax returns if you closed before December 31st, 2012.  That could help save a nice chunk of change to use on a vacation to escape this cold January weather!

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