We all know that buying a home is a huge investment that ranges far beyond dollars and cents. All the work and stress and anxiety of choosing a new home mean a huge emotional investment as well. But when you hear your offer was accepted, and feel that sigh of relief, it’s important to keep perspective on all the other costs that will come into play. Emotions can start running hot again when the price tag starts slowly creeping up, perhaps higher than you planned.

During the pre-approval process, a good mortgage lender will help ground you in the realities of home buying and maintaining. They will guide you through the process and remind you of things like closing costs, insurance, home maintenance budgets, taxes, that can make your budget feel smaller than you thought. This is what we do at McLellan Financial Mortgage. From Traditional 30 Year Mortgages to VA Loans to special programs for those affected by the Recession, we work to find the loan program and budget that will ensure your investment is a successful one.

Read some more about the real costs that go into home-buying here and give us a call if you have any questions.

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