We all know the headlines. Low interest rates! Down payment and closing cost assistance! There is a lot of advice out there. But very few people and businesses are providing guidance on who should be doing which kind of refinance package you should pursue.

refinance advice

What Kind of Refinance Is Best?

For some, refinancing a home may not be the right decision.  Some may be better off with a short term mortgage refinance.  Some may be better off with a long term refinance.  Learn a little bit about different types of mortgages here.  Then give us a call and we can talk about the dozens of specific options that may be available to you.

Share Before You Refinance

The most important thing is for the loan officer to take a close look at your personal situation.  Your home value.  Your work situation.  Your family situation.  All of these factors can have a big influence on the way your home should be finances.  At McLellan Financial Mortgage, we always take the time to get to know you and the state of your personal finances.  That way we can provide the best recommendation for your new home equity loan or home mortgage refinance.